Steve Portigal


Steve is the founder of Portigal Consulting. In the past 15 years he’s interviewed families eating breakfast, rock musicians, home-automation enthusiasts, credit-default swap traders, and radiologists. His work has informed the development of music gear, wine packaging, medical information systems, corporate intranets, videoconferencing systems, and iPod accessories. He’s an accomplished presenter who speaks about culture,…

Marc Rettig


…ftware systems, Marc has spent seventeen years as a designer of projects, interactions, products, services, experiences, and transformations. He has worked with corporations across a broad range of sectors, including Philips Home Health, Nissan, Microsoft, Comcast, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Seagate, SAP, and numerous startup companies. Marc taught at Carnegie Mellon University’s Graduate School of Design, where he was the 2003 Nierenberg…

Theresa Regli


…ory firm The Real Story Group. In 2016, Theresa founded Vox Veritas Digital, a consultancy focused on cost-effective information management & technology strategies for arts organizations, nonprofits, and charities in her home cities of Philadelphia, USA and London, UK. Most recently, Theresa also joined the executive team of KlarisIP as Chief Strategy Officer, where she advises clients on all aspects of digital transformation and…

Suzanne Ginsburg


…ftware, from the concept phase to detailed design. One of her favorite aspects of user-centered design is exploratory user research. Suzanne has conducted exploratory research for various projects such as online communities, home networking, and mobile payments. Suzanne is also an experienced speaker and writer. She is a Mobile Design Lecturer at UC Berkeley’s iSchool and regularly presents at meetups and conferences. Suzanne wrote…

Ben Reason


…n has provided strategic guidance and project delivery management on a range of high-profile public sector projects for organizations such as the National Health Service Innovation Institute, The Design Council, the BBC, the Home Office, Vodafone, Experian, and the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. He has written articles for the NHS’s In Viewmagazine and has been featured in the International Herald…

Stephanie Zhong


…g, graphic design and finance. She’s developed digital content for end users at Planned Parenthood and WebJunction, and drove content, UX and product development at Teach For America and two other startups. Her blog Fabulously Green was one of the first blogs to cover modern eco-friendly architecture, design and fashion and at its peak had 100,000 unique visitors a month (pre-Twitter). She calls Los Angeles home but always has her passport ready…

Will Facebook Home Fail or Succeed?


…o customer backlash before things get too ugly (e.g. Beacon). So when a friend mentioned Facebook Home as a potential failure, I perked up and decided to start collecting research on the system. Here’s Facebook’s Home section. At launch, the New York Times said, Facebook Home “effectively turns the Facebook news feed into the screen saver of a smartphone, updating it constantly and seamlessly with Facebook posts and…

Marta’s War Story: On confronting judgement


…matize or de-vitalize the process of the boys’ drug infusion, they would celebrate it by joining together as a family for a pizza party and movies on Friday night. This celebration was in full-swing as we entered their home. It was a lively atmosphere. It turned out this wasn’t just a family of five; they lived with a menagerie of animals in their small home-cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, reptiles, and guinea pigs, bringing their total…

Michael’s War Story: All About Face (Sichuan Adventures)


…rent sites. It was time to pick up the other team from the town center and head off to Mianyang, our next destination. But the other team called in late. There was a problem. The primary informant’s mother had returned home and reacted badly to their presence. While we didn’t have the details at this point, it seemed that the team could not easily leave the field site. On the phone, I could hear an intense argument in the background….